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About us

About Us

Terra Magica Adventures is a Croatian adventure travel company that prioritizes responsible travel and sustainable tourism. We work closely with small, local businesses and individuals who share our goal of maintaining the magical environments and experiences that make our country so special.

Our mission is to help travelers get away from the crowds of tourists and experience authentic Croatia. From secluded beaches on Croatia’s rocky coastline to mountain huts high up in the Velebit mountains, we take our guests to beautiful, unforgettable places that they won’t have to share with hundreds of other visitors.

Our trips combine outdoor adventures with culture, cuisine and history. In doing so, we allow our guests to explore Croatia’s stunning natural areas in a fun and active way while also immersing them in the local way of life.

Responsible Adventures in Croatia

On our adventures, we fully embrace responsible travel by supporting local communities and minimizing our environmental impact. As tourism in Croatia grows year after year, it is more important than ever to be aware of the industry’s impacts on the environment and minimize them at every opportunity. At Terra Magica Adventures, we keep our groups small – often 8 or fewer people – to ensure each guest has a meaningful and unforgettable experience while also reducing our impact on the places we visit.

On all of our tours, we strive to create positive impacts on the local environment, economy and society. One of our greatest contributions to minimizing our impact on the environment is that our activities themselves avoid the use of energy or fuel. Additionally, our guides always carry trash bags with them to pick up any litter found on hiking trails or in the sea and we try to visit popular attractions, such as Plitvice Lakes National Park, at off-hours to reduce the strain on resources. Many of the meals served on our trips are made of local products and we continue to add more farm-to-table options as they become available.

We also aim to combat the issues seasonality creates for sustainability. Unlike many tourism businesses in Croatia, we operate year-round, and therefore employ local people and support local businesses throughout year.

Our Story

Terra Magica Adventures was founded by Tihomir and Becky Jambrovic. United by their love of nature, outdoor adventure and travel, Tihomir and Becky created the company to share their passion with others and provide travelers with more options for responsible holidays in Croatia.

The company’s name, which can be translated as ‘magical land’ or ‘magical Earth,’ is a nickname for Istria, a region in northwestern Croatia where Terra Magica Adventures is based. The name captures the romantic, mystical vibe created by Croatia’s fairytale landscapes, but also underscores the uniqueness and exceptional value of environments in Croatia and beyond.

Couple rock climbing in Paklenica National Park, Croatia